Prof. Irene Lo Recognized for Distinguished Achievements

With great pleasure we congratulate Ir Professor Irene LO, who has been awarded a Global Outstanding Overseas Student Alumni Award (in Academic Achievement) (全球傑出僑生校友(學術成就獎)). The award was given by the Overseas Community Affairs Council of Taiwan in recognition of Prof. Los distinguished achievements and stellar career in the academia. 


There are more than 160,000 alumni who have graduated from Taiwanese universities and have since relocated overseas from Taiwan. In their respective capacities and fields, they make significant contributions to various communities, every day endeavoring to make the world that much better. Of the large number of these alumni, 56 stood out and were handpicked as candidates for the Global Outstanding Overseas Student Alumni Awards, but only 13 of whom went on to become awardees. Prof. Lo has the distinct honor to be in that ultimate category.


It is the Overseas Community Affairs Council of Taiwan’s stated wish to have recipients of the Global Outstanding Overseas Student Alumni Awards to motivate other alumni and nurture future leaders in diverse fields, and to pass on knowledge and expertise that will benefit communities at large. It is therefore most apt that this honor should be conferred on Prof. Lo, as her enduring dedicated work in water and wastewater treatment (especially in nanotechnology and photocatalysis) has contributed tremendous advancement and innovation to her field.


In addition, Prof. Lo’s former PhD student, Dr. Juhua He, has recently been awarded HKIE’s Outstanding Paper Award for Young Engineers/Researchers 2021 for the research paper Potential and Prospect of Photocatalytic Disinfection: Using Sustainable Solar-energy-driven Photocatalyst”. The research study on the photocatalytic disinfection of sewage, which was the basis of the paper, was commissioned in 2019 by the Drainage Services Department (DSD) of the HKSAR, and the paper was also co-authored with DSD. This was the only paper this year that received the award, which was presented to Prof. Lo on 24 September 2021.


Our heartfelt congratulations to Prof. Lo for these achievements!


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