The traffic engineering group manages the Intelligent Transportation Systems Laboratory (ITS-L), which is equipped with advanced networked computing facilities and transportation modeling software such as EMME/2, TRANSYT, INTEGRATION, NETSIM, etc. In addition, ITS-L is active in developing state-of-the-art modeling tools, such as Dynamic Intersection Signal Control Optimization (DISCO), Public Transportation Route Guidance System - eFinder, multi-class static and dynamic traffic assignment, traffic simulation via neural network modeling, transportation network reliability, network design and optimization, road pricing and transpor-tation economics. The group has also been involved in a number of consultancy projects, ranging from surveys and planning studies to advanced methodo-logical and computational studies for various district boards and the Transport Department of the Hong Kong SAR.



Prof. Hai YANG: Transportation economics; bi-level mathematical programming and applications; traffic control; road pricing and intelligent transportation systems.

Prof. Hong K. LO: Transportation systems modeling; intelligent transportation systems; dynamic traffic assignment; traffic simulation; traffic signal control; traffic flow theory and traffic safety analysis.

Prof. Sisi JIAN: Shared-mobility (carsharing, ridesharing, shared autonomous vehicle, etc); smart transport solutions; risk and behavior in automated driving; big data in transport (social media data and crowdsourced data in transport research, machine learning); demand modelling & choice modelling and network modelling.

Prof. Sen LI: Intelligent transportation systems; transportation/ power nexus; smart city economics; control, optimization and game theory for smart urban infrastructure.


Representative Research Projects

Transportation Planning Models for Over-saturated Networks

Planning Transport Network Improvements over Time

Development of Multi-Period Dynamic Models of Urban Taxi Services

Strategic Gaming Analysis of Competitive Transportation Services

Bus Network Design in a Competitive, Regulatory Environment

Optimal Traffic Counting Locations with Applications

Modeling and Evaluating Joint Implementation of Road Pricing and Route Guidance Systems

Designing and Tolling Private Roads: A Network Equilibrium Approach

A Passenger Route Guidance System for Multi-modal Public Transport Networks

A Methodology for Assessing, Managing, and Improving Degradable Transport Networks