Construction Materials Laboratory

The Construction Materials Laboratory is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities, including 450-metric-ton digital controlled MTS machine, 25-metric-ton digital controlled dynamic MTS machine, Acoustic Emission (AE) Measurement Systems, Extruder, and Speckle Measurement System.


The laboratory provides a good environment for both undergraduate and postgraduate teaching and research. The undergraduate students conduct cement, aggregate, normal strength concrete, high strength concrete, and fiber reinforced concrete experiments here all year round. The research programmes conducted in the laboratory include: application of AE technique in early detection of reinforcing steel corrosion, bond properties between smooth surface rebar and cement, tensile behaviour of short fiber reinforced cementitious composite, high performance concrete, investigation of bond failure for ceramic tile system, fly ash concrete, rubber particle concrete, impedance measurement of cementitious composites, and composite reinforced concrete. The research programmes are applicable to both civil engineering and construction industries.