Geotechnical Engineering Laboratory

The geotechnical engineering laboratory of HKUST is equipped with numerous advanced testing apparatuses, most of which are developed by the geotechnical group of HKUST. Each apparatus has its own uniqueness, benefiting to the cutting-edge fundamental research of the geotechnical group. The following are examples of special equipment in this laboratory:


  • Advanced testing apparatuses for unsaturated soil
  • Temperature-controlled testing apparatuses torsional shear apparatus
  • Advanced apparatuses enabling complex loading conditions
  • Mechanical and electromagnetic wave-based characterizations of soil properties
  • Geotechnical testing based on 3D printing technique
  • A geo-environmental room
  • Apparatuses for studying internal erosion and surface erosion
  • Physical models with innovative instrumentations
  • Data-enabled Scalable Research Laboratory 


Many of the testing systems are equipped with closed-loop feedback controls capable of performing different stress path tests. Automated data acquisition and instrumentation systems are also available for teaching and research. Details of the equipment can be found at the link below.