Environmental Engineering Laboratory

The Environmental Engineering Laboratory (450m2) at HKUST is fully equipped with modern instrumentation, plus a full range of standard equipment for performing routine environmental analyses (such as pH, DO, COD, BOD, N, P, hardness, conductivity, alkalinity, bacteriological analyses, etc.). Sophisticated instrumentation includes: gas chromatograph with mass spectrometer and flame ionization detector; high performance liquid chromatography; ion chromatograph; UV-Visible spectrophotometer with diode array detector; atomic absorption spectrophotometer; automatic ion analyser; aerobic/anaerobic respirometer; Coulter counter; TO analyzer; Zeta meter; anaerobic gas analyzer; dual-solvent supercritical extractor and research microscopes; etc.


In addition, numerous complete and functional water and wastewater treatment models are available for both teaching and research purposes. Two walk-in temperature control rooms and one large cold storage room are also available for research studies.