Research Postgraduate (RPg) Programs

Program Requirements

Applicants seeking admission to a postgraduate diploma program or above should fulfill General Admission Requirements of the University and English Language Admission Requirements as stipulated in the University. They should normally possess a bachelor's degree in Civil or Environmental Engineering or related research fields, and should also have a proven record of good academic performance. Details of other program requirements could be referred to our Postgraduate Program Catalog.


Please complete all the fields required in the online application form. It is essential to provide the supporting documents of the qualification, awards, patents and other documents required by the Online Admission System. Links of your publication should also be provided if available. These could help the Department to study the complete application profile for facilitating the shortlisting procedures. Applicants should indicate the preferred research areas and/or the names of the preferred faculty members in their applications.

Interview / Shortlisting Applicants

The Department will consider the study and/or research background and research proposals of the applicants to shortlist suitable candidates for interviews. Selected candidates will be notified to conduct face/skype/phone interviews.

Application Status

The application results will be shown in the online system. Check the Online Admission System from time to time for the updates.

Short-term Study Opportunities

The following opportunities are open to students to study at HKUST for a short period of time: