Q & A about Admission

General information about Civil Engineering

What is the difference between Civil Engineering and Architecture?

What is the outlook of the Civil Engineering job marketing?

What are employment types of our graduates?

What are the prospects of working in China?

What are the prospects of working overseas?

Is Civil Engineering a rewarding career?


General information about the Civil Engineering programs at HKUST

What are the differences between the Civil Engineering (CIVL) and Civil and Environmental (CIEV) programs?

Can student in the CIVL or CIEV program transfer to different program?

What exchange programs are available and who may be eligible?

What are the job differences between CIVL and CIEV graduates?

What is the proportion of students pursuing further students?


General information for JUPAS applicants

What are the admission requirements?


General information for Direct Admission (DA) applicants 

Who qualifies for DA applications?

Where do the applicants come from?

Do JUPAS and DA students pay the same fee upon admission?

Are DA students, upon admission, qualified for scholarship?

If hold an Associate Degree or Higher Diploma, can I be directly to the 2nd year of study?

How can I make an application?


General information for applicants from the Mainland

Please refer to https://join.ust.hk/admissions/mainland-jee/ for detailed and up-to-date information on admission procedures and policies.


General information on Scholarship and Financial Assistance 

What types of scholarships are available?

What is the typical amount for a scholarship awarded to good students?

Who qualifies for financial support?