CIVL Student Wins Creativity Award in RSUSHD 2023’s Urban Cup

Mr. HOU Ce, a PhD student of the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering supervised by Prof. ZHANG Fan, has won a Creativity Award from the Urban Cup of the First Research Summit of Urban Science and Human Dynamics (第一届城市科学大会, RSUSHD), which took place on 5–6 August, 2023 at Tsinghua University in Beijing.

The RSUSHD was established out of a recognition that the world is constantly transformed by new technologies as well as rapid exchange and transfer of information. The availability and capturability of vast amounts of data on societies and people have expanded our understanding on urban spaces and activities. The challenge, however, lies within how to effectively utilize this data to address complex issues such as congestion and mobility, pollution and poverty, land use, public health, sustainability, education, etc. The RSUSHD, which features a series of invited talks and panel discussions, provides a platform for exploring how urban big data can be leveraged to tackle real-world urban problems and enhance urban systems. Urban Cup 2023 was a contest within this year’s RSUSHD, where participants were invited to analyze fine-grained data on urban mobility, infrastructure, emissions, etc. and submit original, scientific, aesthetically-pleasing, accurate, and publicly understandable impressions of some urban phenomena, patterns or connections concerning urban sustainability and social good.

In his presentation entitled “Exploring the changing mobility patterns due to socio-economic shifts”, Hou explained the relationship between the changes of socio-economic content and human movement patterns in U.S. cities. The investigation Intended to inspire researchers to better understanding the relationship between urban systems and human mobility.

Bravo to Mr. Hou!

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