CIVL PhD Student Named First Runner-up in HKSTS Outstanding Student Paper Award

A paper written by Ms. Yanyan Ding, CIVL PhD student supervised by Prof. Sisi Jian, was selected as the second most outstanding paper authored by a student, at the 26th Hong Kong Society for Transportation Studies (HKSTS) international conference.

Established in February 1996, the Hong Kong Society for Transportation Studies (HKSTS) aims to foster excellence in transportation research and practice, and for its 26th HKSTS Conference, the theme was “GREAT Transportation” as the conference revolved around exploring emerging technologies and innovative research to promote a green, resilient, empowering, adaptable, and transformative (GREAT) mobility future. The HKSTS Outstanding Student Paper Award was established in 2003.

Entitled “Vehicle Manufacturer Encroachment into Transport Market under Asymmetric Information”, Ms. Ding’s paper investigates an encroachment problem where a vehicle manufacturer decides whether or not to enter the downstream mobility market and compete with a mobility service provider. The mobility service provider is better informed than the vehicle manufacturer about mobility demand information, which induces a signaling game. The result of Ms. Ding’s research shows that, for the mobility service provider to protect its profitability, it would alter the number of vehicles it orders from the vehicle manufacturer — specifically, the mobility service provider would reduce the number of substitute orders, but increase the number of complement orders.

Congratulations to Ms. Ding!

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