Best TA Awards

In order to better prepare our research postgraduate (RPg) students for a more all-rounded successful future career and facilitate their intellectual development, our full-time RPg students are provided with opportunities to participate in teaching related activities such as Teaching Assistants (TAs), to broaden their horizons and improve their interpersonal, communication and presentation skills.  TAs are offered essential training programs by the Centre for Education Innovation before qualifying to serve.


The department conducts qualitative and quantitative assessment on TAs’ performance to evaluate their abilities and effectiveness when delivering teaching assistance. To appreciate the outstanding teaching performance of the TAs, the department presents the Best TA Award to the best performer for a year.

Academic Year Best TA Awardees  
2019-20 STOURA Charikleia Charikleia STOURA
2018-19 CHAN Hosea

Chan Hosea

2017-18 FUNG Sau Long FUNG Sau Long
  LOONG Cheng Ning CHENG Loong Ning
  MOGIL Srinivas MOGIL Srinivas

Research Postgraduate (RPg) Events

Periodically, Teaching Assistant Coordinators organize different activities for RPg students to participate. The events aim at providing a platform for students from various cultural background to enhance communication with other students and to share teaching experience between senior and new students and relax from study.


This year a barbeque activity was held on 11 January 2019.  There were altogether 100 participants including our PG Coordinator, Prof Ilias DIMITRAKOPOULOS, joining the barbeque. Students were particularly engaged after joining the ice-breaking games.  They enjoyed the food ranges from standard BBQ food and drinks to Halal food and fruits to cater for the needs of different students.


On 14 April 2018, our department jointly organized a hiking activity to visit Tai Tam Reservoir with three other engineering departments. This event allowed around 60 students coming from different research backgrounds to interact with each other and facilitate possible research collaboration at interdisciplinary levels by exchanging research ideas.