PhD, University of Texas, Austin
Professor Emeritus
Research Area
Research Interests
Water resource systems analysis
Frequency analysis of hydrological extremes
Probabilistic analyses of water resources engineering problems
Risk and reliability analysis
Conjunctive use management
Stochastic optimization of water quality
Reservoir managements
Water resource project evaluation under uncertainty

PhD, University of Texas, Austin

Research Projects

Analysis of Rainstorm Characteristics in Hong Kong - Yeou-Koung TUNG 

Development Practical Reliability Evaluation Approach for Treating Non-Normal Multivariate Random Variables - Yeou-Koung TUNG 

Emerging Geohazards in Hong Kong and Pearl River Delta due to Climate Changes - Limin ZHANG, Charles W.W. NG, Yu-Hsing WANG, Yeou-Koung TUNG and Delwyn G FREDLUND 

Integrating Hydrologic Uncertainties for Risk-Based Design of Hydraulic Structures - Yeou-Koung TUNG 

Large-scale Geotechnical Hazards Caused by Environmental Actions: Impact of Rainfall and Reservoir Filling - Limin ZHANG, Delwyn G FREDLUND, Wilson H. TANG and Yeou-Koung TUNG 

Stochastic Modeling of Surface-Subsurface Flow for Stability Analysis of Soil Slopes in Hong Kong - Charles W.W. NG, Yeou-Koung TUNG and Wilson H. TANG 

Uncertainty and Reliability Evaluation Methods for Large-Scale Civil Engineering Systems - Wilson H. TANG and Yeou-Koung TUNG 

Yeou-Koung TUNG and Mays, L.W. (1992), Hydrosystems Engineering and Management McGraw-Hill Book Company 

Yen, B.C. and Yeou-Koung TUNG (1993), Reliability and Uncertainty Analyses in Hydraulic Designs, ASCE 

Selected Publications

Charles W.W. NG, Wang, B. and Yeou-Koung TUNG (2001), 3D numerical investigations of groundwater responses in an unsaturated slope subjected to various rainfall patterns, Canadian Geotechnical Journal, 38(5) page:1049-1062

Yeou-Koung TUNG, Zhao, B., Yeh, K.C. and Yang, J.C. (1997), Storm resampling for uncertainty analysis of a multiple-storm unit hydrograph, Journal of Hydrology, L94 page:366-384 

Yeou-Koung TUNG (1996), Uncertainty analysis in water resources engineering, Stochastic Hydraulics '96, Editor: Goulter, I. and Tickle, K., A.A. Balkema Publishers, Netherlands, page:29-46 [Keynote paper] 

Yeou-Koung TUNG (1994), Probabilistic hydraulic design : a next step to experimental hydraulics, Journal of Hydraulic Research, IAHR., 32(3) page:323-336 

Chang, C.H., Yang, J.C. and Yeou-Koung TUNG (1993), Sensitivity and uncertainty analyses of a sediment transport model : a global approach, Journal of Stochastic Hydrology and Hydraulics, 7(4) page:299-314