Shuai JIA 賈帥


Affiliate Assistant Professor
Research Area
Research Interests
Data-driven modeling and optimization
Decision support systems
Transportation and logistics management

PhD, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Selected Publications

Jia S, Meng Q, Kuang H. 2022. Equitable vessel traffic scheduling in a seaport. Transportation Science, 56(1):162–181.

Jia S, Li S, Lin X, Chen X. 2021. Scheduling tugboats in a seaport. Transportation Science, 55(6):1370–1391.

Jia S, Li C-L, Xu Z. 2020. A simulation optimization method for deep-sea vessel berth planning and feeder arrival scheduling at a container port. Transportation Research Part B, 142:174–196.

Jia S, Wu L, Meng Q. 2020. Joint scheduling of vessel traffic and pilots in seaport waters. Transportation Science, 54(6):1495–1515.

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Wu L, Jia S, Wang S. 2020. Pilotage planning in seaports. European Journal of Operational Research, 287(1):90–105.

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Chen J, Jia S, Wang S*, Liu Z. 2018. Subloop-based reserval of port rotation directions for container liner shipping network alteration. Transportation Research Part B, 118:336–361.

Ding Y, Jia S, Gu T, Li C-L. 2016. SGICT builds an optimization-based system for daily berth planning. Interfaces, 46: 218–296.