CS Kwok

Kenny C. S.

PhD, Monash University
Professor Emeritus
Research Area
Research Interests
Wind effects on buildings and structures
Wind tunnel modelling
Structural dynamics
Vibration control
Environmental fluid mechanics

PhD, Monash University

Research Projects

Active Vibration Control of Earthquake/Wind Excited Structures Using a Shaker Table - B. Samali, Kenny C.S. KWOK and F. Naghdy 

An Assessment of Motion Acceptance Criteria for Human Occupancy in the Design of Flexible Structures - C. W. Letchford, Kenny C.S. KWOK and D.L. Morrison 

Control of Environmentally Induced Tall Building Vibrations by Liquid Column Vibration Absorber - Kenny C.S. KWOK, P.A. Hitchcock and B. Samali 

Experimental and Computational Study of Thunderstorm Downbursts and Their Wind Effects and Loading on Buildings and Structures - Kenny C.S. KWOK, G.S. Wood and D.A. Fletcher 

Motion Dependent Aeroelastic Effects on Wind-Excited Tall Buildings of Complex Geometry and with Coupled Modes of Vibration - Kenny C.S. KWOK

Selected Publications

Kenny C.S. KWOK (1994), A state of the Art Volume on Wind Engineering Wiley Eastern Limited, Delhi. page:180-204 

Kenny C.S. KWOK, Hitchcock, P.A., Watkins, R.D. and Samali, B. (1997), Characterisation of liquid column vibration absorber (LCVA) - I & II, Engineering Structures, 19(2) page:126-144 

Kenny C.S. KWOK, Holmes, J.D., Sankaran, R. and Syme, M.J. (1997), Eigenvector modes of fluctuating pressures on low-rise building models, Journal of Wind Engineering and Industrial Aerodynamics, 69-71 page:697-707 

Kenny C.S. KWOK and Glanville, M.J. (1997), Measurements of topographic multipliers and flow separation from a steep escarpment. Part II model measurements, Journal of Wind Engineering and Industrial Aerodynamics, 69-71 page:893-902 

Thepmongkorn, S. and Kenny C.S. KWOK (1998), Wind-induced coupled translational-torsional motion of tall buildings, Wind and Structures, 1(1) page:43-58