Prof Eun Soon IM 林銀順


PhD in Atmospheric Science
Associate Professor
PG Programs Coordinator (Environmental Engineering)
Research Area
Research Interests
Climate change and extreme weather
Climate feedback and process study
Dynamical downscaling
Interdisciplinary research for climate change impact assessment

PhD, Pusan National University, Korea

Selected Publications

(* corresponding author, after 2010, first author only)

Nguyen-Xuan, T., Qiu, L., Im, E.-S., Hur, J.*, and Shim, K.-M.*, Sensitivity of summer precipitation over Korea to the convective parameterizations in the RegCM4: An updated assessment, Advances in Meteorology. No. 1329071, 2020.

Kim, J.-B.*, Im, E.-S., and Bae, D.-H.*, Intensified hydroclimatological regime in Korean basins under 1.5 and 2℃ global warming, Int. J. Climatol. Vol. 40, pp.1965-1978, 2020.

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Chen, C.-C.*, Lo, M.-H.*, Im, E.-S., Yu, J.-Y.*, Liang, Y.-C.*, Chen, W.-T.*, Tang, I.*, Thermodynamic and dynamic responses to deforestation in the Maritime Continent: A modeling study, J. Climate. Vol. 32, pp.3505-3527, 2019.

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Im, E.-S., J.-B. Ahn*, and S.-R. Jo, 2015: Regional climate projection over South Korea simulated by the HadGEM2-AO and WRF model chain under the RCP emission scenarios. Climate Research, 69, 249-266.

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