Di WU 吳鏑


PhD in Civil Engineering
Adjunct Associate Professor
Research Area
Research Interests
Water and wastewater engineering
Resource recovery technology
Environmental biotechnology

PhD, The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology


Di obtained his Master degree at Harbin Institute of Technology in 2007; then he went to industry for 2-year. He joined the Wastewater Research Group at the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) to pursue his PhD study, and then he completed his post-doc training at the same group. In 2016, HKUST appointed him as Research Assistant Professor. In 2021, he was promoted as the tenured Associate Professor at the Department of Green Chemistry and Technology, and Department of Environmental Technology Food Technology and Molecular Biotechnology, Ghent University. In these years, Di has endeavored to develop an interdisciplinary Environmental Technology program for teaching and research. His current research works go around 'Saline Environmental technoLogy Innovation aNd Application (SELINA)' for urban water cycle, carbon neutrality and circular economy.


Selected Publications


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Deng, Y.F., Tang, W.T., Huang, H, Qian, J., Wu, D.*, Chen, G.H.*, 2021. Development of a bioprocess model with metagenomic verification to provide new insights into thiosulfate-driven denitrification and anammox (TDDA) process. Water Research 198, 117155.

Huang, H., Zeng, Q., Heynderickx, P., Chen, G.H., Wu, D.*, 2021. Electrochemical pretreatment (EPT) of waste activated sludge: Extracellular polymeric substances matrix desctruction, sludge solubilisation and overll digestibility. Bioresource Technology 125000.

Huang, H., Ekama, G., Deng, Y.F., Chen, G.H., Wu, D.*, 2021. Identifying the mechanisms of sludge reduction in the sulfidogenic oxic-settling anaerobic (SOSA) process: side-stream sulfidogenesis-intensified sludge decay and mainstream extended aeration. Water Research 189, 116608.

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