Prof. Chun Man CHAN 陳俊文

Chun Man

PhD in Civil Engineering
Professor Emeritus
Research Area
Research Interests
Structural engineering
Tall buildings
Wind effects on buildings

PhD, University of Waterloo

Research Projects

An Optimization Framework for Minimization of Wind-induced Torsional Load Effects on Tall Buildings – C.M. CHAN

Numerical wind load prediction and aerodynamic shape optimization of tall buildings – C.M. CHAN

Innovative design technologies for tall buildings in a typhoon-prone urban environment – K.C.S. KWOK, C.M. CHAN, CC CHANG, X.L. DING, P.A. HITCHCOCK, L. KATAFYGIOTIS and K.M. LAM

An Evolutionary Structural Form Optimization for the Design of High-rise Residential Buildings – C.M. CHAN

Optimal Seismic Performance-based Design of Modern High-rise Buildings – C.M. CHAN

Structural Optimization to Limit Wind-Induced Vibrations of Tall Steel Buildings – C.M. CHAN

Selected Publications

V.J.L. Gan, I.M.C. Lo, J. Ma, K.T. Tse, J.C.P. Cheng, and C.M. Chan. “Simulation Optimisation towards Energy Efficient Green Buildings: Current Status and Future Trends”, Journal of Cleaner Production, Vol. 254, 2020, 120012.

C.M. Chan, F. Ding, K.T. Tse, M.F. Huang, K.M. Shum* and K.C.S. Kwok. “Optimal Wind-induced Load Combinations for Structural Design of Tall Buildings”, International Journal of Wind and Structures, 29(5), 2019, 323-337.

V.J.L. Gan, C.L. Wong, K.T. Tse, J.C.P. Cheng, I.M.C. Lo and C.M. Chan. “Parametric Modeling and Evolutionary Optimization for Cost-optimal and Low-carbon Design of High-rise Reinforced Concrete Buildings”, Advanced Engineering Informatics, 42, 2019, 100962.

V.J.L. Gan, H.K. Wong, K.T. Tse, J.C.P. Cheng, I.M.C. Lo and C.M. Chan, “Simulation-based Evolutionary Optimization for Energy-efficient Layout Design of High-rise Residential Buildings”, Journal of Cleaner Production, 231, 2019, 1375-1388.

H.L. Bai, C.M. Chan, X.M. Zhu and K.M. Li, “A Numerical study on the performance of a Savonius-type vertical-axis wind turbine in a confined long channel”, Renewable Energy, 139, 2019, 102-109.

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