Prof. Chii SHANG 商啟


PhD in Civil Engineering
Program Director of Environmental Engineering Program
Associate Director of Hong Kong Branch of Chinese National Engineering Research Center for Control and Treatment of Heavy Metal Pollution
Associate Director of Water Technology Center
Research Area
Research Interests
Disinfection byproducts
Drinking water treatment
Physicochemical water and wastewater treatment
Wastewater treatment
Water reuse engineering

PhD, Purdue University

Selected Publications

Wu, Z.*, Shang, C., Wang, D.*, Zheng, S.*, Wang, Y.*, Fang, J.*, Rapid degradation of dichloroacetonitrile by hydrated electron (eaq–) produced in vacuum ultraviolet photolysis, Chemosphere, 256, 126994, 2020.

Yin, R., Blatchley III, E.R.*, Shang, C., UV photolysis of mono- and dichloramine using UV-LEDs as radiation sources: Photodecay rates and radical concentrations, Environmental Science and Technology, 2020 (in press).

Ling, L., Deng, Z., Fang, J.*, Shang, C., Bromate control during ozonation by ammonia-chlorine and chlorine-ammonia pretreatment: Roles of bromine-containing haloamines, Chemical Engineering Journal, 389, 123447, 2020.

Sun, B., Wang, Y., Xiang, Y., Shang, C., Influence of pre-ozonation of DOM on micropollutant abatement by UV-based advanced oxidation processes, Journal of Hazardous Materials, 391, 122201, 2020.

Sun, J.L., Wei, L.*, Yin, R., Jiang, F.*, Shang, C., Microbial iron reduction enhances in-situ control of biogenic hydrogen sulfide by FeOOH granules in sediments of polluted urban waters, Water Research, 171, 115453, 2020.

Xiang, Y., Deng, Z., Yang, X., Shang, C., Zhang, X., Transformation of adenine and cytosine in chlorination - An ESI-tqMS investigation, Chemosphere, 234, 505–512, 2019. 

Zhong, Y.*, Gan, W.*, Du, Y.*, Huang, H.*, Wu, Q.*, Xiang, Y., Shang, C., Yang, X.*, Disinfection byproducts and their toxicity in wastewater effluents treated by the mixing oxidant of ClO2/Cl2, Water Research, 162, 471–481, 2019.

Sun, J.L., Kong, D., Aghdam, E., Fang, J.*, Wu, Q.*, Liu, J., Du, Y.*, Yang, X.*, Shang, C., The influence of the UV/chlorine advanced oxidation of natural organic matter for micropollutant degradation on the formation of DBPs and toxicity during post-chlorination, Chemical Engineering Journal, 373, 870–879, 2019.

Sun, J.L., Chen, Y., Fang, J.*, Shang, C., Oxidative debromination of 2,2-Bis(bromomethyl)-1,3-propanediol (BBMP) by UV/persuflate process and corresponding formation of brominated by-products, Chemosphere, 228, 735-743, 2019.

Yin R., Ling L. and Shang C. (2018) Wavelength-dependent chlorine photolysis and subsequent radical production using UV-LEDs as light sources, Water Research, 142, 452–458.

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Fang J. and Shang C. (2012) Bromate formation from bromide oxidation by the UV/persulfate process, Environmental Science and Technology, 46(16), 8976–8983.

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Yang X., Shang C. and Westerhoff P. (2007) Factors affecting formation of haloacetonitriles, haloketones, chloropicrin and cyanogen halides during chloramination, Water Research, 41(6), 1193–1200.

Shang C. and Blatchley III E.R. (1999) Differentiation and quantification of free chlorine and inorganic chloramines in aqueous solution by MIMS, Environmental Science & Technology, 33, 2218–2223.


Positions available

Positions at Post-Doc, PhD and MPhil levels are available.