Chih-chen CHANG 張志成


PhD in Aeronautics and Astronautics
Professor Emeritus
Research Area
Research Interests
Artificial intelligence
Damage detection
System identification
Vibration control of structures

PhD, Purdue University

Research Projects

Finite Element Model Updating for Bridges - Tse-Yung Paul CHANG, W.M. To and Chih-Chen CHANG

On Construction Control of Prestressed Concrete Bridges - Tse-Yung Paul CHANG and Chih-Chen CHANG

On Enhancing Serviceability and Safety of Tall Buildings during Wind Storms Using Semi-Active MR Dampers: Analytical and Wind Tunnel Studies - Chih-Chen CHANG, Tse-Yung Paul CHANG and P.A. Hitchcock 

Selected Publications

Chih-Chen CHANG, Tse-Yung Paul CHANG and Xu, Y.G. (2000), Adaptive neural networks for model updating of structures, Smart Materials and Structures, 9(1) page:59-68

Tse-Yung Paul CHANG, Zhang, Q.W. and Chih-Chen CHANG (1999), Ambient vibration of a cable-stayed bridge, Journal of Bridge Engineering, [in press]

Tse-Yung Paul CHANG, Chih-Chen CHANG and Zhang, Q.W. (1999), Finite element model updating for structures with parametric constraints, Journal of Structural Dynamics and Earthquake Engineering, [in press]

Chih-Chen CHANG (1999), Mass dampers and their optimal designs for building vibration control, Engineering Structures, 21(5) page:454-463

Chih-Chen CHANG and Gu, M. (1999), Suppression of vortex-excited vibration of tall buildings using tuned liquid dampers, Journal of Industrial Aerodynamics and Wind Engineering, 83 page:225-237 

Chih-Chen CHANG and Roschke, P. (1998), Neural network modeling of a magnetorheological damper, Journal of Intelligent Material Systems and Structures, September 1998, 9(9) page:755-764

Chih-Chen CHANG and Qu, W.L. (1998), Unified dynamic absorber design formulas for wind-induced vibration control of tall buildings, Structural Design of Tall Buildings, 7 page:147-166