Prof Limin Zhang ET AL. Receive First-Class Technological & Natural Science Award

A project team comprising Prof. Limin Zhang, Chair Professor of CIVL, and his former PhD students has won a first-class award in the 2020 Guangdong Technological and Natural Science Awards (2020 年度广东省科学技术奖/自然科学奖). The award was given to their project “Mechanisms of landslides due to the formation of soil cracks and preferential flows” (边坡内生裂隙形成与优势流孕灾滑坡机制). Of the dozen or so prize-winning projects (both first- and second-class) for the year 2020, Prof. Zhang and his team’s was the only one from the engineering and technological science category.

Congratulations to Prof. Zhang and team for the honor and the outstanding work!


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