CIVL Welcome Month 2023

Welcome Week


We at the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering are delighted to share some highlights from the very successful and well-received CIVL Welcome Month. As the name suggests, the month-long celebration filled with fun, engaging activities, aimed to welcome students back to the University and to foster a stronger sense of community revolving around the CIVL Department. We were glad to receive very overwhelming response and participation from both students and faculty members. The following are the highlights:

Welcome Back Day (September 4):

Welcome Month kicked off with Welcome Back Day. We prepared delightful treats in the CIVL Commons and during lectures throughout the day for the students, and we decorated the outside of the CIVL General Office with a HKUST Wishing Tree” (科大許願樹) for students to not only take photos with but also to wish for all the best in the year ahead (and beyond).

Movie Night (September 5):

Movie night featured the action-packed thriller Skyscraper” (written and directed by Rawson Marshall Thurber), selected not only for its entertainment value but also to demonstrate how the concept of “smart city” is increasingly interwoven into our lives. We had the distinct pleasure of having Prof. YANG Jiachuan, Program Director of the Smart City Minor, to walk us through the number of relevant technologies alluded to in the film, and to share some insights on how the utilization of such technologies will enhance and affect our lives. The experience gave students a much deeper understanding on the “smart city” concept in a relaxed, light-hearted atmosphere.

CIVL UG Orientation 2023–24 (September 11):

Hosted by the Department at the beginning of each academic year, CIVL UG Orientation is the prime event of Welcome Month. Specifically tailored for Year 2 students, this year’s Orientation was both informative and interactive, comprising a certificate presentation for the recipients of the Professor Wilson Tang Scholarship, an engaging quiz game with exciting prizes, and sharing sessions hosted by our various alumni associations. The Orientation provided new CIVL students with valuable insights on their programs as well as the overall Department. It also allowed the students to connect with the faculty members, their fellow classmates and other upper-year students, and to gain a stronger sense of belonging to the civil engineering community.

Switch Contest (September 20–21):

Recognizing that life — even university life — isn’t all work and no play, we invited CIVL students to join us in a contest of Nintendo Switch to give a much-needed break from their demanding academic studies. Through teaming up to compete for prizes, the students also had fun building stronger bonds within the CIVL community and networking with their peers from across the various cohorts, who may very well become future colleagues and friends in diverse professional capacities.

Jenga Challenge (September 27):

Capping off Welcome Month 2023 was an intense, fun-filled, and, of course, friendly Jenga Challenge that brought together CIVL students and faculty. The game was another excellent opportunity for staff and students to shed any usual punctiliousness and interact with each other in a casual, comfortable setting. We believe events like this will cultivate stronger bonds and create a more supportive learning environment within the Department.

We thank all of the students and faculty members who participated in the CIVL Welcome Month events. As the academic year is now well underway, we look forward to organizing more exciting activities throughout the academic year to enhance our students’ university experience.

For more photos of the individual events and activities that took place during Welcome Month, we invite you to visit the Department’s Instagram (@hkust_civil), and while you are there, don’t forget to join our followers list for the latest updates and to stay connected with the vibrant CIVL community.


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